If you think you’re damaged or broken

I saw Heathers the Musical last weekend.  In it, there’s a song, ‘Seventeen’ that really hit home.

It’s a wonderful song, but part of its story is off; that people can be ‘damaged, badly damaged.’

Yes, life can look and feel shitty.  For everyone.  It’s just that our ever-present, innate peace and wisdom lie behind (in fact in the midst of) our conditioned, often inherited, thinking about the shittiness.

And here’s the kicker.  We only and always experience our thinking, not what ‘happens’.  And our thinking changes, constantly.  It’s part of the design, our factory setting.

Once we see that for ourselves, we’re free.  That peace, that health can never be damaged or broken – even by our worst experiences and our worst behaviour.  And that’s because peace is our true nature.  It’s what we are.

But don’t take my word for it.  If you want to realise your peace (and who doesn’t?), check out these resources that might help remind you who you really are.

I want every seventeen year old to know how our minds actually work; to see old, outside-in thinking for what it is; to enjoy the freedom that is our birthright; to be happy.

If you need this information, may it find you.

With love.


http://www.claredimond.com  See also her book ‘Real’ The Inside Out Guide to Being Yourself






There’s also tons of stuff on YouTube.  These are just some of the many resources out there on this subject, so hopefully you’ll find something that speaks to you.  If you find it helpful, and the spirit moves you, please pass it on.






‘This is the end of positive thinking, self-improvement, willpower and working on ourselves.  It is the end of the search for self esteem and confidence.  It is the end of the attempt to ‘be someone’.  None of that is relevant anymore.’ Clare Dimond